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Protect Yourself and Protect Others: mySOS is a revolutionary mobile application which saves lives and fosters local solidarity

Protect Yourself: mySOS creates the first intelligent alert system for smartphones

While smartphones become increasingly popular and are our closest electronic device in most circumstances, their “intelligence” and connectivity are largely under-utilized in emergency situations (medical, security alerts, fire / disasters…).

As a matter of fact, within the few seconds we usually have to react, we just tend to try and call a friend or the official emergency services for help, exactly like we used to do with our old fixed or mobile phones. Given the technologies available to us today, is it really the most effective and comprehensive way to deal with life-critical situations ? The answer is no.    

This is why mSOS is leveraging smartphones’ connectivity to create the first integrated and personalized « intelligent alert system » : in any emergency situation, mySOS will enable you to launch within seconds the most powerful and comprehensive alert,  maximising your chances of being rapidly and successfully rescued.

Thanks to mySOS, by just pressing a couple of buttons, your smartphone will instantaneously perform mutiple tasks which will help save your life :

  • Contact relevant emergency services (medical emergencies, police or firemen)
  • Alert your friends and family via SMS/email and send your real-time location
  • Alert your personal doctor (in case of medical emergency)
  • Alert people around your location who could provide help (thanks to mySOS Angels network)
  • Display your vital information (your personalized « mySOS Card ») as as wallpaper on your smartphone (this information will be critical for whomever may assist you, including official rescue services)

What is more, mySOS enables coordination between all parties (victim, friends and family, mySOS Angels…) through a dedicated web-based interface.
Wherever you are, whatever your distressed situation is, you will never be alone anymore: thanks to mySOS, all potential sources of rescue will be mobilized within seconds.

Protect Others: mySOS creates the first local solidarity network dedicated to emergency situations

mySOS creates the first community of men and women of good will, ready to mobilize themselves in case of emergencies around their location.

mySOS Angels’ network is the first experience in the world of a network based on « proxi-solidarity »: this network simply gathers men and women who accept to be alerted in case of emergency situations in their vicinity. Based on their geo-location, mySOS Angels simply receive SMS/email alerts when someone is in a distress situation in their immediate neighbourhood (mySOS Angels can choose the types of alerts they are ready to receive : medical, security or fire/disaster).

Each of us can save lives : in our building, at work, on the street, there may always be someone around who urgently needs our help. Whether you are an « expert » (doctor, first-aid, paramedic, fireman, security agent …) or just a responsible citizen, you are welcome to join mySOS Angels’ network (subscription is totally free and only takes a few seconds).

By joining this unique network, you will help us build a better and safer world.