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How to best select your “emergency buddies”?

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The persons you will register as your “emergency buddies” (up to 5 people) can be considered as your “personal Angels”. Indeed, these persons will be immediately informed by email/SMS whenever you launch a mySOS alert.

You should therefore select carefully the persons who you believe are the most relevant and the most likely to react quickly if you are in distress. These persons could be part of your family, friends, work colleagues…

One piece of advice, especially relevant for the elderly people and all the persons living alone: we strongly recommend to include a neighbor (or even your building’s concierge / janitor) within your emergency buddies. Indeed, a large number of distressed situations occur at home and it is therefore preferable to have someone living nearby quickly alerted and rapidly on site.

If you live in a building, we also encourage you to offer people living alone (notably the elderly) to include you in their list of emergency buddies. By doing so, you will contribute to build a new network of local solidarity around the most vulnerable persons.