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How did the mySOS project start?

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The mySOS project finds its roots in a major paradox of our digital era: while we are all connected globally to our friends around the world (through our mobile internet, social networks…) our ability to connect locally remains incredibly limited.

This paradox is all the more blatant in emergency situations : when urgent help is needed, no matter how many friends you have on your favourite social network; you can find yourself very lonely, as hundreds of strangers in your vicinity just do not know that you are in distress, and therefore cannot help.

While new technologies enable us to know what is happening real-time thousands of miles away, there is no way for us to know about the tragedies which may be happening a few meters away from us, behind the walls of our apartments or just around the corner. As a consequence, it is impossible for any of us to help people in distress in our immediate neighbourhood, while we often could and would be willing to do so.

Thousands of lives are lost every day around the world, due to this mere lack of local connectivity between the victims and their potential saviors.

mySOS’ ambition is to resolve this paradox through a revolutionary smartphone application: together, we can save lives and build a safer word.