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What are the key features of mySOS intelligent alert system?

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In any emergency situation (medical, security, fire/disaster), mySOS will enable you to launch within seconds the most powerful and comprehensive alert,  maximising your chances of being rapidly and successfully rescued.

Thanks to mySOS, by just pressing a couple of buttons, your smartphone will instantaneously perform mutiple tasks which will help save your life :

  • Contact relevant emergency services (medical emergencies, police or firemen)
  • Alert your friends and family via SMS/email and send your real-time location
  • Alert your personal doctor (in case of medical emergency)
  • Alert people around your location who could provide help (thanks to mySOS Angels network)
  • Display your vital information (your personalized « mySOS Card ») as as wallpaper on your smartphone (this information will be critical for whomever may assist you, including official rescue services)

What is more, mySOS enables coordination between all parties (victim, friends and family, mySOS Angels…) through a dedicated web-based interface.
Wherever you are, whatever your distressed situation is, you will never be alone anymore: thanks to mySOS, all potential sources of rescue will be mobilized within seconds.